• Information note

    Opening hours of reception desks for contracts of employment of foreigners
    Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday: from 9AM to 13PM
    Friday: 9AM to 12PM

  • Important Notice

  • Employment procedure for foreign employees in Morocco

    We remind our friendly users that from 1 June 2017, only applications for work visa visas for foreign employees introduced via the “TAECHIR” website will be accepted.

This new system put in place by the Ministry of Employment and Occupational Integration aims to offer a better quality of service to users and allows employers using foreign expertise to:

  • Learn about visa application procedures.
  • Introduce visa applications and have them validated.
  • Print the work contracts to be submitted to the Administration for visa.
  • Edit the list of documents constituting the CTE visa application file.
  • Follow the processing of visa applications filed with the Administration.
  • Receive, in real time, the notifications related to the processing of visa applications (Contract referred, Visa ready, request to be completed, …)
  • Obtain the Administration’s response to visa requests made within a maximum of ten (10) days.