Mr. Younes Sekkouri
Minister of  Economic Inclusion, Small Business,Employment and Skills

Mr. Younes Sekkouri was appointed Minister of Economic Inclusion, Small Business,Employment and Skills on October 07, 2021.

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Reinforcement and strengthening of the communication culture

Given the importance we attach to dialogue and, in order to reinforce the communication culture between, on the one hand, the Department of Employment, and, in the other hand, the social and economic partners, the users, the media, as well as the researchers interested in the Department politics and strategy. For this purpose, we have redesigned and updated the ministry website. The aim is to provide a newly redesigned, interactive website in terms of its look, content and new thematic sections. This is in order to provide the public with easy access to information and to relevant benefits offered by the Ministry.
This redesign is in fact based on the following fundamental points:
– To meet the requirements of the July 29, 2011 Constitution that provide citizens, on an equal footing, with a right of access to information and to interact with change taking place in our country in the economic and social fields. And this so as to ensure information transmission in such a way that we could develop media culture and consolidate the rule of law groundwork,
– To give an idea about the Ministry activities and about government policies and programs in accordance with strict standards of transparency and clarity. Also, in accordance with the joint statement and the charter made by the government majority. And, in view of the direct and positive effect that this information could have on the daily lives of our citizens, on strengthening the institutional capacity, on media openness and on implementing proper communication links related to key issues concerning the public opinion;
– To implement Numeric Morocco 2013 strategy, launched in October under the high patronage of His Majesty King Mohamed VI, in order to contribute towards the development and the improvement of the e-government website, to help Morocco improve its ranking compared with the UN online services index and to improve the effectiveness and the performance of its services;
– To bring into focus the strategic value held by the Employment and vocational training with respect to the significant missions assigned to them and their cross-checking with other interventions following a global and integrated approach to the benefit of economic and social development. In order to allow greater synergy and closer convergence between strategies and government programs.
– To make the new website a pillar of convergence and a source of strength in order to revitalize and strengthen synergy and promote communication, cooperation, vertical and horizontal coordination between the different ministry’s components. In order, to overcome the challenges of good governance and institute a new culture based on transparency and primacy of law;
– With this website, we hope to provide an integrated public service, which is transparent and continuous. And, to make this website respond to social and economic partners requirements and to aspirations and expectations of citizens.
Thus, we will spare no effort to update it and to improve it in order to accompany information technology development, a key factor for scientific knowledge.