Labour Space

Missions of the Labour Space

The Directorate of Labour is responsible for implementing public policies in the areas of improving working conditions, promoting industrial relations and preventing occupational risks. It also monitors the application of labour legislation.

For this purpose, she is responsible for :

  • To develop draft labour laws and regulations.
  • To animate the labour inspectorates and the control of the application of the labour legislation.
  • To encourage collective bargaining between the social partners, to promote industrial relations, to contribute to the settlement of individual and collective labour disputes and to boost the arbitration and reconciliation process.
  • To support the culture of social dialogue.
  • To promote occupational health, and to propose the necessary measures to preserve the health and safety of employees and to ensure their follow-up and control, and this, in collabouration with the ministerial departments concerned.
  • To follow the internal regulations of establishments subject to labour legislation.
  • To follow international labour standards and ensure their implementation.
  • Promote specific programs on gender and the fight against child labour, and develop partnerships with civil society in these areas.