Improving of employability

The TAEHIL program, open to graduates holding at least a bachelor’s degree and to vocational training graduates, aims to improve the employability of job-seekers, by enabling them to acquire job skills for duly identified jobs, or potential in private sector companies or in NGOs and cooperatives. It is organized into 3 types of training:

  • Contractual training for employment (FCE).
  • Qualifying or retaining training (FQR).
  • Emerging sector support training (ESF).


The national program of support to the creation of entreprises “Moukawalati” aims on the one hand the support of the carriers of project of creation of companies, and on the other hand to ensure the progressive sustainability of the regional economic fabric, through a tracking device of companies created during the critical start-up period.

Advantages are set up whithin the framework of this program, namely 1)pre- and post-creation support, young project holders 2)state support for the support costs up to 10,000 DH per project 3)the guarantee up to 85% of the bank credit and 4)an advance without intrest representing 10% of the investment and within the limit of 15,000 DH repayable over six years including three grace.

Software & Hi-Tech

Paid employment

The “Idmaj” program aims on the one hand, to increase the employability of jobseekers, graduates by the acquisition of new professional skills, in particular through a first experience .