1. The Minister


    1. Office (Chef of Office of the Minister)


    2. General Secretariat

      Noureddine BENKHALIL

      1. Division of Audit and Management Control

      2. Directorate of Employment

        Samir AJARAAM

        1. Employment Promotion Division

          Samir AJARAAM

        2. Employment intermediation

        3. Migrante Employment and Maintenance in the Work Division

          M Hammed NEJJARI

      3. Diractorate of Labour

        Salima ADMI

        1. Labour Inspection and supervision division, labour inspection

          Driss ZOUIN

        2. Division of industrial relations promotion.

          Abdellatif BARADI

        3. Division of labour regulation and standards

          Essaid SOUKRATI

        4. Division of occupational, health and occupational safety

          Naima Tchich

      4. Directorate for International Copperation and Partnership

        Abdelkarim ISBAYENE

        1. Division of international cooperation and partnership

          Hamid BOUNOUA

        2. Division of partnership and follow-up of activities and international events

          Fatine AOUABE

      5. Directorate Social Protection of Workers

        Taib BOUHOUCHE

        1. Division of social security and workers’compensation

          Ahmed ETTOUBI

        2. Division of mutuality and supplementary plans

          Lahcen IFEZWAN

      6. Directorate of the National Labour Market Observatory

        Mohamed HAZIM

        1. Information System and Analysis Division

          Ahmed DRAWAT

        2. Division of Evaluation Studies of Employment ProgramsDivision of Evaluation Studies of Employment Programs

          Abdejallil Bousfiha

      7. Directorate of Human Resources , Budget and General Affairs

        Abdelkrime FATHALLAH

        1. Human resources management division

          Omar CHARIF

        2. Financial resources and equipment division

          Abdelaziz BENKRIKCH

        3. Division of computer and communication

          Zaki Mourad ZIYAT

        4. Training division

          Samir Hamdi

    3. General Inspection

      Younes El ANSARI

    4. Trusteeship organizations

      1. ANAPEC

        National Agency for the Promotion of Employment and Skills