Support & Steering Space


The Human Resources, Budget and Corporate Affairs Department is responsible for the programming and management of the Department’s administrative, financial, logistical, informatics and social resources and operations.

To this end, she is responsible for:

  • Departmental human resources management and operations to improve the performance of public servants and build skills.
  • Drafting of legislative and regulatory texts relating to the management of the department’s human and financial resources.
  • Management of jobs and skills, and the development of programs to evaluate the administrative background of civil servants.
  • Establishment of the department’s strategic training and continuing education and monitoring of its implementation.
  • The carrying out of studies aimed at adapting working methods to the structures, and the processing and follow-up of disputes and requests of an administrative nature.
  • The preparation of the Ministry’s draft budget, and the implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Management, control and maintenance of movable and immovable property of the Ministry.
  • The development of the computer network, and the generalization and securing of new technologies.
  • Strengthening internal and external communication activities, and promoting and developing their methods.
  • From the promotion of social works to the benefit of ministry staff.