Employment Space

Missions of the Employment Space

The Directorate of Employment is responsible for contributing to the development and implementation of actions relating to the promotion of employment, and to animate the intermediation structures in the labour market.

For this purpose, it is invested :

  • The drafting of legislative and regulatory texts on employment.
  • Contribute to the definition of orientations and objectives for the development of employment.
  • To promote and standardize the management and organization of the labour market.
  • To authorize private employment agencies to perform intermediation of employment missions.
  • To monitor and control the activities of public and private employment agencies.
  • Facilitate, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the action programs of the employment agencies mentioned above in terms of job offers and requests.
  • To monitor, in collabouration with the ministerial departments and the authorities concerned, the implementation of operations and measures promoting the professional integration of young people in the private sector.
  • To develop local and sectoral initiatives and partnerships for the promotion of employment.
  • To manage, in coordination with the departments concerned, the legal migratory flows for the purposes of work and to contribute to the implementation of programs of integration of immigrants into the labour market.
  • To follow, in collabouration with the ministerial departments concerned, questions relating to the prospection of job offers abroad and to implement labour agreements.
  • Manage and process requests for continued service after the retirement age of private sector employees.
  • Facilitate consultation mechanisms in the area of employment promotion.