Compensation due to employees in the event of dismissal at the initiative of the employer

On the website of the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training, a window has been created to specify the methods for calculating compensation due to employees in the event of their dismissal at the initiative of the employer.

This window is intended primarily for employees subject to the Act No. 65-99 on the Labour Code, with the exception of part-time workers, apprentices and those working in the context of professional integration training.

The purpose of this window is to allow dismissed employees to know the methods for calculating their indemnities and this, on the occasion of the dismissal during the probationary period, of the termination of the employment contract of indefinite duration or of the fixed-term contract.

These allowances consist of:

  • The notice indemnity.
  • Severance pay based on the seniority of the employee at work.
  • Damages, the amount of which is fixed on the basis of the salary of one and a half months per year or fraction of a year of work, without exceeding the ceiling of thirty-six (36) months.

For further information and clarification, the labour inspectorates; in provinces and prefectures are available to employees and employers.