Tripartite Committee for the Follow-up of the Application of Temporary Work Provisions

The Labour Code in its book IV Chapter II contains provisions relating to temporary employment enterprises (Articles 495 to 506 of the Labour Code).

The last paragraph of Article 496 provides that “a tripartite specialized commission shall be set up to monitor the proper application of the provisions of this Chapter.

The composition and functioning of the said commission shall be laid down by regulation
The decree regulating the composition and the modalities of operation of the said commission was published on 29/12/2004 bearing the number 02.04.464 (B.O n ° 5279 of 03/01/2005).

This decree stipulates that the specialized commission, relative to the companies of temporary employment, consists of the following members:

  1. Six representatives as representatives of the administration (the governmental authority responsible for labour, the interior, agriculture, commerce and industry, finance, handicrafts.
  2. Six representatives as representatives of the professional organizations of employers proposed by these organizations.
  3. Six representatives as representatives of the most representative trade unions of the employees proposed by these organizations.

The members referred to in points 2) and 3) above are appointed by order of the Minister for Employment for a period of two years.

The specialized commission meets at the invitation of its chairman, accompanied by the agenda, at least twice a year.

The labour authority is the secretariat of the specialized commission. To this end, he shall take the necessary measures to hold his meetings, to draw up his agenda and to draw up the reports. The members of the commission sign the minutes of its meetings.

The commission has so far held three meetings whose work has been crowned by a number of proposals and recommendations aimed at promoting temporary employment in Morocco.