Organization :

As part of the improvement of the social protection system, Morocco has undertaken several measures aimed at strengthening the existing system and extending the social and medical coverage to the various categories of the population.

These actions are part of efforts to implement the provisions of Article 31 of the Constitution 2011, and the commitments provided by the government program.

In addition, the Minister’s strategic plan for social protection has set out several priority areas aimed at accelerating the implementation of the major structural reforms relating in particular to:

The extension and generalization of social security coverage.
Modernization of the legislative and regulatory framework.
Strengthening governance and improving the management of the social protection system.

On the other hand, Morocco ratified in 2013 ILO Convention 102 on social security (minimum standard) and recommendation 202 of 2012 on national social protection floors.

Finance :

The financing of the social protection system for workers in Morocco is based on employee and employer contributions according to the nature of the service and the sector (public or private).

Services served:

The Moroccan system of social protection is characterized by a multiplicity of actors and management bodies and a variety of legislative and regulatory texts.

This system covers the following services:

Compulsory health insurance.
Retirement, disability and survivors’ pensions.
Compensation for loss of employment.
Family allowance.
Daily sickness / maternity.
Death allowance.